Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get. If we didn't manage to answer your question here, please call or come into the store and ask!

General Questions (3)

What is Winkley's?
We are a local business striving to supply our customers with top notch customer service and quality products. We sell hardware, gardening supplies, feed and hay, outdoor sporting equipment, and much more! Our employees are trained to be able to help you with a variety of different questions and situations, so come on in!
Are ya'll hiring?
I asked a question on Facebook and never got a response.

Business Questions (4)

What are Winkley's hours?
We are open Monday - Saturday, 7am - 8pm, and on Sundays, 8am - 7pm.
Do your hours change for holidays?
I make clothing. Would I be able to sell my items through Winkley's?
What types of payment do ya'll take?

Special Ordering (5)

What items can I special order?
Almost all of our items in the store are able to be specially ordered! We can also special order chicks and feed not normally in stock. Just call into the store and use extension 3 to ask about our special orders!
How does special ordering work?
How long does it take items to come in?
I called in to order an item, but never received order information.
Do you deliver items?

Item Questions (6)

Do you have chickens?
Chicks are one of our most popular items! We get a new shipment of chicks every Thursday at 11am. If we know what type of chicks will be available, we will have it listed on our calendar here. Our regular shipment of chicks are first come, first served, and usually sell out by the weekend. Please call or come in to the store if you would like to special order chicks.
I need to replace/fix an item, but I'm not sure how. Will you be able to help me?
When do you get new items?
Do you have stock tanks?
Are your items listed online?
Can I order online?